Principal Investigator: Dr. Raj Chakrabarti
  • AB Harvard; PhD Princeton
  • Formerly Prof. of Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University & Purdue University
  • Invited speaker at Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell Departments of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biophysics
  • NIH Postdoctoral Research Fellow, MIT & Columbia
  • NSF Predoctoral Research Fellow, Princeton University
  • Winner, Intel International Science and Engineering Competition (one of two in the world)
  • USA Today All-Academic First Team (one of 20 in the nation)
  • American Academy of Achievement Golden Eagle Award for the Nation’s Most Promising Exemplars of Achievement (one of 6 in the nation)
  • Lead inventor of biotechnology patents commercialized by/with industry leaders Celera Genomics, New England Biolabs, Abbott, Quest Diagnostics, which generate $40M annual revenue (top 0.1% of revenue generating patents at Princeton University).


  • Xiangying Guan
  • Mohammed Elias
  • Ali Rahnamoun
  • Peng Yue
  • Anisha Ghosh

France (Center for Protein Engineering and Drug Discovery, CPEDD)

  • Gauthier Errasti (Director, CPEDD)
  • Thomas Delacroix
  • Coralie Lebleu
  • Laetitia Plet
  • Jingqi Dai
  • Florène Moussy
  • Gaëtan Gitton
  • Ludmilla Guduff
  • Barbara Burlot
  • Rodolphe Godiveau
  • Aïnhoa Merry
  • Christiane Philippe
  • Kenza Touah


  • Santu Chall
  • Kausik Bakshi
  • Rahul Bose
  • Veerender Boini

Past Members

  • Sourour Mansour
  • Ioanna Petrounia
  • Rama Dumpati
  • Alok Upadhyay
  • Devin Hudson
  • Joon Kwak
  • Chaoran Jing
  • Indranil Adhya
  • Dipanita Biswas
  • Vijayan Ramaswamy
  • William Wysock
  • Ahmed Rehan