CAT’s technology platforms have been licensed by the following companies:

CCM Protein Upregulation

A company advancing first-in-class drug leads for age-related conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disorders as well as for genetically inherited diseases. Drug targets include sirtuin enzymes and nonsense mutations.

  • Sirtuin activators: First-in-class leads that activate human sirtuin isoforms beyond SIRT1 for age-related conditions such as infertility, diabetes, and cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disorders. First steady-state sirtuin activators for any substrate. Entering clinical trials in 2023:H1.

  • Translational readthrough-inducing drugs: Fully lead-optimized compounds to correct nonsense mutations for Cystic Fibrosis and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (10% of all genetically inherited disease) that directly target genes and overcome the dose-limiting toxicity profiles of predecessors. First-in-class opportunity.

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CCM Nanothera Sciences

A company advancing passively and actively targeted nanocarriers for improved delivery of chemotherapy drugs.

  • Actively targeted nanomedicine and tumor tracer: First/Best-in-class tumor targeting ligand for the most significant oncogenic mutation of the most important cell surface receptor (EGFRvIII) in cancer. No other imaging tracer drugs for brain tumors (glioblastoma multiforme, deadliest and most common) currently in clinical trials; CCM’s lead has better targeting accuracy than any other lead reported. Also advanced as targeting ligand for nanomedicine (for glioblastoma multiforme).
  • Passively targeted nanomedicine: Best-in-class improvements in bioavailability and immune stealth of chemotherapy APIs.

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Celera Genomics, Quest Diagnostics, Abbott, New England Biolabs, Toyobo, & CCM 5Prime Sciences

Our diagnostics-related patents, co-developed with Princeton University, have been licensed by companies such as Celera/Abbott Diagnostics, Quest Diagnostics (the leading clinical IVD test for autism), and New England Biolabs (the market leading Q5 polymerase used worldwide in DNA sequencing applications), and have also been the basis of a partnership with Toyobo/Sekisui Diagnostics. The annual sales of products based on these patents is close to $40M.  

CCM 5Prime Sciences is a company focused on the development and application of proprietary technology in the domain of DNA biotechnology -- the basis for all forms of genetic engineering and diagnostic tests.

5Prime Bio operates 2 business units:

  • In vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests: a wide array of companion diagnostics (CDx) tests for targeted cancer and orphan disease diagnostics, developed using the Droplet Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (ddPCR) and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) methodologies, that accompany our personalized medicine therapeutic (Rx) pipelines; as well as new prenatal IVD tests building on the market traction of our first-generation of commercialized autism diagnostics.
  • Engineered DNA-manipulating enzymes that improve upon the enzymes used in IVD tests, in PCR reagents, and also in enzymatic DNA synthesis which is poised to replace the decades-old chemical synthesis of DNA -- the foundation of the life sciences industry.

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