PMC-AT internally funds research that lays the foundation for disruptive technologies.  This technology development can be broadly subdivided into two categories:

In the area of Chemical and Biotechnology, PMC-AT is developing algorithms and software allowing the design of artificial biological systems - in particular, functional proteins - by mimicking the physical principles and selection strategies of nature at a vastly higher rate.   Computational protein engineering provides a rational approach (to be distinguished from traditional blind combinatorial techniques) to biopharmaceutical drug design.  Moreover, it may open the door to environmentally friendly alternative energy sources, such as next-generation biofuels.  In a parallel effort, PMC-AT is leveraging internally developed intellectual property in the area of DNA sequencing to enable the quantitative genetic profiling of disease risk factors of individuals on the basis of their genome sequence alone - a technology that will have a transformative impact on the economics of the medical industry.

In the area of Risk Management, PMC-AT is developing stock market prediction algorithms based on methodologies pioneered at the world's top academic institutions. These algorithms are made accessible to the average investor and professional wealth managers through web interfaces linked to a massively scalable cloud computing infrastructure.