This page contains working papers of scientists at the Division of Fundamental Research, PMC Advanced Technology.

  • Quantum Chemical Engineering

  • The PMC-AT Division of Fundamental Research is extending classical engineering principles into the microworld in order to quantitatively engineer atomic and molecular systems. The dawn of the molecular Control Age has been likened by the US Department of Energy to the dawn of the Iron Age in terms of its radical enhancement of our dominion over materials properties and our ability to extract energy from matter. Our Group is developing enabling computational technologies in this area with an emphasis on energy science.

  • Next-Generation DNA Amplification and Sequencing

  • DNA amplification - the replication of genetic material in a test tube - is arguably the central technology of the modern era of molecular bioscience. Over the past two decades, many variants of DNA amplification have been invented, but a unified framework for the design of new reactions has been lacking. Based on fundamental biophysical modeling, chemical process control engineering, and advanced computational optimization algorithms, PMC-AT's Division of Fundamental Research is building a generalized framework for next-generation PCR called Optimally Controlled DNA Amplification. This framework enables the automated computation of the ideal temperature cycling protocol for any DNA sequence and desired amplification objective.

  • Computational Protein and Drug Design

  • The PMC-AT Division of Fundamental Research is developing algorithms and software allowing the design of artificial biological systems - in particular, functional proteins - by mimicking the physical principles and selection strategies of nature at a vastly higher rate. Computational protein engineering provides a rational approach (to be distinguished from traditional blind combinatorial techniques) to biopharmaceutical drug design.


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