The Academic Financial Trading Platform is an online finance portal whose goal is to empower the average investor to make his own investment decisions instead of relying on expensive third party financial advisory services. It does this by giving users free access to the latest and most cutting-edge stock market prediction techniques developed at top U.S. universities in a simple and transparent fashion, along with step-by-step guidelines on how to implement these trades on major online brokerages. These models have been tested extensively with decades of financial data and provide returns similar or superior to those promised by top mutual funds in the Unites States. AFTP also provide users access to an all-star cast of financial experts from academia and industry who have developed these techniques with whom they can interact freely, ask questions, and gain further insights about the economy and financial markets.

Additional salient features of AFTP include:
  1. Custom-tailored financial trading model recommendations based on a simple questionnaire that seeks to understand the user's investment goals and preferences. This is made possible by the diverse nature of the models offered on our website in terms of riskiness, investment horizon, asset class, etc.

  2. The ability to backtest (using decades of historical stock market data) and obtain future return forecasts for a variety of the latest financial trading models developed at top U.S. research universities, which provide returns in line with those of leading investment houses and funds.

  3. Seamless integration with existing online brokerages (e.g. Scottrade, E-Trade, TD Ameritrade) to easily implement trading model recommendations through actual trading.

  4. Access to leading financial experts from both academia and industry, who are available to provide advice and answer questions.

  5. Ability to easily network with other users: Users can tune the use of academic strategies based on peer insights, identify peers worth networking with, track a peer's portfolio in real time next to one's own thereby being able to mirror a much larger number of trading strategies compared to existing financial advisory websites.

  6. Connection to social networking sites
The backend of the AFTP webserver collects the latest algorithms from the world's top finance research centers and directly translates user preferences into parameters that can be processed by these algorithms. It is highly scalable and can employ high-performance computing strategies to customize trading solutions for many users in parallel.