The recent turbulence in the global economic and financial environment has resulted in a massive surge in demand for greater transparency in the asset management industry. Academic research has consistently shown that after the returns of mutual funds are adjusted for fees, they generally do not outperform the market. The recognition of the need to democratize the investment process by reducing reliance on asset managers and putting more power in the hands of individual investors has closely followed suit. The online investment community has been striving to identify the proper model by which the lay investor can benefit from the latest knowledge about financial markets without resorting to third party managers.

Our portfolio of companies addresses this need by providing free access to the latest stock market prediction models developed in the world's top financial research centers in a simple and transparent fashion, thus empowering the average investor to make his own informed investment decisions online, instead of relying on expensive third party financial advisory services.

We are seeking to expand our portfolio of companies to include complementary technologies that:

  1. Provide user analytics services that enable greater levels of personalization in our trading recommendations;
  2. Leverage social networks to distribute these asset management strategies to greater numbers of users.