We are all born unequal genetically.  The human genome has three billion nucleotides. Most disease risks are associated with single nucleotide polymorphisms.  Variations in 50 genes have been linked to propensity of a dozen most common diseases, including heart disease, breast cancer, arterial fibrillation, glaucoma, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, etc. The most common disease markers identified so far raise risks when prescribing certain medicines that have a tendency to cause side effects; these side effects can coincide with the disease-prone defective marker gene. Identifying the few at risk as part of diagnosis could save the healthcare industry billions of dollars and reduce legal and malpractice insurance costs.  The excessive cost to develop every new drug today is largely due to the requirement to have "one drug fit all."

Our portfolio of companies has developed next-generation DNA diagnostic tests for:

  1. Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), which together affect 1% of the world's population.
  2. Early stage detection of cancer metastasis, the spread of cancerous cells through the body to produce malignant tumors.

We are seeking to expand our portfolio to include complementary technologies that:

  1. Help improve the signal-to-noise ratio
  2. Decrease the false positive rate in diagnostic tests for hereditary diseases and cancer.